The Doctrine of Scripture AloneJeff Rose

From Acts 17:26-28 with Rev. 4:11, extol the Sovereignty of God in creation and re-creation; reminding all why God made man and God’s dealings in history with man – common grace leading to saving grace Romans 1:20; 2:4. Many in our time are satisfied with the common grace provisions of God on earth, ignoring or being unaware of the promises of the covenant of grace, even everlasting life and rest in God.


The Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God in CreationNick Kennicott


The Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God in Providence and Common GraceNick Kennicott

From Acts 17:29 and Exodus 33 with Hebrews 1:1-3, lead and point out who the unknown God is and how He has revealed Himself and His glory in the O.T and the N.T. Remind of the doctrine of the Trinity. Establish how man ought to think of God acceptably and how man-made religions are condemnable before God.


The Doctrine of the TrinityConrad Mbewe


The Futility of man-made religionsConrad Mbewe

From Acts 17:30-31, extol the virtues and merits of our Saviour, God’s Son and the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the reason for God winking at the times of ignorance. Establish the doctrine of Atonement and lay emphasis on the vital importance of Repentance towards God.


The Doctrine of AtonementJeff Rose


The Doctrine of Repentance Jeff Rose

From Acts 17:32 with Romans 4:24-25, establish the doctrine of the resurrection and proclaim the offer of justification and sanctification in Christ Jesus to all for to obtain the righteousness that must be in place on judgment day.


The Doctrine of Justification and SanctificationTony Okoroh

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